Let's start something big together

Let's start something big together

We are the only university in Thailand that offers a 100% UK degree

Come to study in Thailand!

Close to home
Less than 2 hours flight

Why Thailand?

Thailand is a tourist-friendly country. Thai people are open-minded and helpful, you don’t need to be worried when studying in Thailand. Tuition Fees in Thailand are much lower than university fees of equal quality in many other countries. Tuition Fees at British College are 360,000 THB (≈9200 Euro/≈10,000 USD) per year.
Moreover, Thai dishes are world famous. You can find delicious food on every street corner.

We will help you with...

Visa applications

Free support from the university to prepare an invitation letter.

Finding accommodation

Our college staff will help you find a place to live at an affordable price.

Application process

An online academic interview via zoom. Very fast and convenience.

Why UK Degree?

As we all know, education in the United Kingdom is of the highest quality in the world. Students from many different countries are regularly traveling to the UK for their studies. What are the contributing factors that put British education at the top of the world?

University reputation

Many of the top universities in the world are British institutions such as the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge.

Accredited academic programmes.

The UK programmes are well-known around the world. Furthermore, the UK curriculums have been used as a model for study programmes in many countries around the world.

Career opportunities

British graduates have a diverse range of career options. Because the graduates who have undergone skills training, analytical thinking and training on innovative idea presentations, can make organisations want to work with you.

Short period of studying

A British bachelor's degree takes only three years, but it is a three-year intensive programme that can prepare students to be qualified and ready for the workforce.

About the programme

Tuition fee

~9468.70 USD / Year + Registration fee ~ 1446.61USD


UK Bachelor's degree + SPU Bachelor's degree


3 years programme


Gain life experience away from home

Start planning! Programme starts in September 2023

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