British College

Study a UK Degree in Thailand

UK Degree

Get UK Bachelor’s degree in just 3 years

In Thailand

Study close to your family and friends while getting a UK degree

World Class Education from the UK

We are an authorized BTEC institution in Thailand.

BTEC Nationals, alongside A levels, are the most widely-recognised qualification for admission to higher education.

BTECs are accepted in almost all universities in the UK, even Cambridge and Oxford.

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World Class Campus in Thailand


British College is located at Sripatum University on the 8th floor in Bangkok


BTS is directly to campus (Bang Bua)
Convenient to travel without facing traffic jams in the morning. It is right at our doorstep!


5 floors library where students can access to a variety of resources. It provides a wide range of books and reference materials.


Health clubs and Fitness center, Medical care unit, Sports facilities.

International Bachelor's Degree
in just 3 years!​

**Start 2021 in Thailand**


Earn a Higher National Diploma (HND)

Choose 3rd year in Thailand OR Abroad



Earn 2 Bachelor’s Degrees
• From United Kingdom 
(University of Wolverhampton)

• From Thailand (Sripatum University)

**Stay in Thailand for the entire duration of 3 years and earn 3 qualifications at the same time**


Finish your Bachelor’s Degree in 1 year abroad in a university of your choice

**Take the first 2 years in Thailand with us and earn a Higher National Diploma.**

Complete the full Degree in 3 Years

Entry Requirement

Why choose British College?

What makes British College different?

•Get rid of exam stress of traditional studies
•Practical learning, through the concept of learning by doing
•Save up to 2 million baht and still get a UK Degree
•Study close to family and friends
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Special COVID-19 Study Abroad in Thailand

If you have been abruptly recalled from your study abroad because of Covid 19. We might be able to continue your education and complete your degree in Thailand!

If you were planning to go abroad but instead is stuck in Thailand, we can Start your journey here and you can finish abroad when things are back to normal


Students are required to pay a tuition fee of 360,000 THB per year. It’s 3 year programme. 

3 qualifications
1. UK Bachelor’ degree
2. SPU Bachelor’s degree
3. UK Qualification

Firstly, you can get a bachelor’s degree from UK in just 3 years. Additionally, you can save a lot of money. Students could apply for Jobs offer from local and International workplace as well.

British College is located in Sripatum University, Bangkok, building number 11 on 8th floor. 

  • Graduated M.6, IB, GED or A-level
  • Age 17½ years
  • Passes our own assessment through an academic interview

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