World Class Education from the UK

We are an authorized BTEC institution in Thailand.

BTEC Nationals, alongside A levels, are the most widely-recognised qualification for admission to higher education.

BTECs are accepted in almost all universities in the UK, even Cambridge and Oxford.

World Class Campus in Thailand


British College is located at Sripatum University on the 8th floor in Bangkok


Newly build BTS has been open for test riding since April. It is right at our doorstep!


5 floors etc.


Computer rooms, meeting rooms, cinema rooms and conference rooms are available.

International Courses Available in Thailand 2020

Stay in Thailand for the entire duration of 3 years and earn 3 qualifications at the same time
  • Wolverhampton Bachelors Degree
  • SPU Bachelors Degree
  • Higher National Diploma


360,000 Baht

Take the first 2 years in Thailand with us and earn a Higher National Diploma.
Finish your Bachelor's Degree in 1 year abroad in a university of your choice

A Globally Regognized Qualification

Use the map to view the list of universities and institutions around the world. If you open the map in full-screen mode, you are also able to use the search function.
If a particular institution is not listed, they may still consider applications from Higher National learners, with the possibility of advanced entry. It is therefore always advisable to contact the institution’s admissions office to discuss your application.
  • Bachelors Degree Abroad
  • Higher National Diploma


360,000 Baht

Starting mid-June and lasting 12 weeks, students will finish the foundation programme before the Degree Programme start in September.
  • Try the International learning style firsthand and upgrade your english and academic skills
  • Get a UK Certificate
  • Convert High grades into scholarship discounts on the full 3 in 1 Programme.

If you have been abruptly recalled from your study abroad because of Corvid 19. We might be able to continue your education and complete your degree in Thailand!

If you were planning to go abroad but instead is stuck in Thailand, we can Start your journey here and you can finish abroad when things are back to normal

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